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28 Archuleta Rd
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Loudspeaker Testing Services

Redrock Acoustics offers complete transducer testing and evaluation in our acoustics lab featuring:

  • Klippel Distortion Analyzer
  • 100 KHz. ACO pacific microphone and preamp
  • Calibrated lab amplifier
  • 5000 watt QSC Amplifier
  • 80 Hz IEC baffle
  • Laser position sensors
  • Thermal probes
  • Tesla meter
  • Accelerometers
and a host of other acoustic / electronics test equipment.

Redrock has been a beta test site for the Klippel Analyzer for five years and has tested more speakers (of every imaginable type) than any other independent lab in the world. With over 30 years of transducer design experience, we also offer evaluation (and solutions for your problems) that is unsurpassed in the industry.

Redrock is able to test virtually any type of loudspeaker including woofer, midrange, tweeters, and compression drivers. Woofer testing can be done in free air or in an enclosure.