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Standard Pricing

Klippel Parameter Test Package 1 (LPM, LSI, DC Bias)                     120.00
Klippel Parameter Test Package 2 (LPM, LSI+T, DC Bias)                 140.00
Klippel Parameter Test Package 3 (LPM, LSI in-Box, DC Bias)           250.00
For LPM Added Mass / Laser Mmd correlation method add 2                5.00
Thermal Fail Stepped Power Test                                                       250.00
Power Handling Confirmation                                                              250.00
Thermal Time Curves                                                                         150.00
Frequency Response (5 axis)                                                            150.00
Distortion Testing (per hour, min 1 hr.)                                              150.00
Evaluation / improvement suggestions on any of the above              150.00