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Loudspeaker System Integration / Crossover Design

We typically choose to partner with Vance Dickason for system integration / crossover design. We are experts at most of the crossover design software available, we have the best test equipment available and we can get the flattest response curves you could ever imagine, however...

Vance brings something special to the process. First, he wrote the book on crossover design (literally – “The Loudspeaker Cookbook” that got us all started on building speakers). Secondly, he has designed and tuned more systems than anyone else on the planet – period. This includes more products of virtually every kind; In-wall, home theater, THX certified, car audio, upper high end products, you name it he has done it.

Maybe the most important reason is, that he designs products that sound great. This is where the science stops and the art begins. Almost every engineer worth his salt can design a system that has a flat response, Vance designs systems that are well engineered and sound great. He measures, puts the parts together, listens, measures again, and then tweaks. This process is repeated over and over until the product hits that sweet spot of good technical design and listen-ability.